Alien Babes in Lesbian Sex

Xxx Alien Babes in Lesbian Sex
I created xxx alien babes as a fan site of Galactic Girls. I am a professional female dominatrix and i was impressed by the kinky alien sex videos and live shows presented on So I decided to create this fan site to show some free content to people who can not afford to pay the membership fees. All the videos and images shown on this site have been obtained with the permission of the owner of Enjoy! Visit my fantasy sex forum and let me know what you think!
Here is the story behind the pictures on this page:
Jelena Jensen stowed away in the cargo compartment to access information about the ultra spacegirl, Tall Goddess. Watching her monitors, Tall Goddess sees Jelena and confronts her with deadly force. Realizing she has been captured, Jelena Jensen submits to Tall Goddess. She begs for mercy, telling her that she only wanted to get close to Tall Goddess to offer her hot sexy body. Tall Goddess, seeing Jelena’s large creamy tits and scenting her hot pussy decides to take her up on her offer. After all, it does get lonely in space.

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